There are six cemeteries in Highlands East, two historic and four with plots available.

Funeral service restrictions

Please be advised that effective June 11, 2021, the gatherings for Private Interments with no funeral director are limited to maximum of 10 people and Interments with a Funeral Director are limited to a maximum of 25 people.

Masks and social distancing are a requirement.

Cemeteries with plots available

McGillivray Cemetery

1443 Upper Paudash Road (Geographic Township of Cardiff)

Operator Licence #CM-01136

Deer Lake Cemetery

Loop Road south of Highland Grove (Geographic Township of Cardiff)

Operator Licence #CM-01135

South Wilberforce Cemetery

Columbarium Niches Available (see below)

1468 South Wilberforce Road (Geographic Township of Monmouth)

Operator Licence #CM-01151

Gooderham Cemetery

McColl Road east of Gooderham off County Road 503 (Geographic Township of Glamorgan)

Operator Licence #CM-01143

Historic Cemeteries

Essonville Cemetery & Heritage Church

1284 Essonville Line (Geographic Township of Monmouth)

Operator Licence #CM-01150

Gooderham Pioneer Cemetery

Mill Street and Gooderham Street (Geographic Township of Glamorgan)

Columbarium Niches

Niches are for sale in the Columbarium located at the South Wilberforce Cemetery. The Columbarium looks over Wilbermere Lake and is located in the old section of the cemetery. One niche is 12 inches by 12 inches and will hold a maximum of two cremated remains. The purchase price of $1,367.30 for one niche includes one engraved niche plaque with final engraving at additional cost.

Costs and fees

Columbarium Niches

Niche cost: $782 plus HST
Care and maintenance: $138 plus HST
Engraving: $290 plus HST
Total cost: $1210 plus HST

Final date engraving: $240 plus HST

Single Niche Inurnment: $75 plus HST

Double Niche Inurnment: $100 plus HST

Niche Disurnment: $75 plus HST

Corner Stones and Foundations

Corner Stones

Four six inch by six inch granite corner stones: $ 180.00 plus HST

Includes engraving of one line of lettering, maximum nine letters, on each corner stone plus installation.


Foundation Fee: $250 plus HST

Marker or Monument Staking Fee: $25 plus HST

Installation of Corner Stones: $25 plus HST

Cemetery Plots

Sale of Interment Rights

Single plot fee: $570 plus HST

Perpetual care: $380 plus HST

Total cost: $950 plus HST

Open/Close/Disinterment Fees

Full Burial: $350 plus HST

Cremation: $75 plus HST

Other Fees

Reissue new certificate of interment rights: $15 plus HST

Markers and Monuments

Monument Directors need to deposit, with the Municipality of Highlands East, the required contribution to the Care and Maintenance Fund for Markers before to installing the marker or monument.

Flat or pillow marker measuring at least 439.42 square centimeters or 173 square

inches: $50 plus HST

Upright markers measuring 1.22 meters or 4 feet or less in height and length, including the base:

$100.00 plus HST

Upright markers more than 1.22 meters or 4 feet in either height or length, including the base: $200 plus HST

Consumer Information GuideLicensed by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario

A Guide to Death Care has been published by the Bereavment Authority of Ontario and is available for download at their website.


Feel free to review and/or complete the consent and contract forms listed below before contacting us. 

For more information

Please contact the Municipal Office at 705-448-2981 for information on burial records, sales, plots, niches, interments, headstones and foundations.

Winter burials

Winter burials are not possible between December 1 and April 1 unless weather and ground conditions allow.

Spring clean-up

Spring cemetery clean up starts in early May but can be delayed by weather conditions and burial scheduling.