Environment and Shorelines

Protect your lake

The Coalition of Haliburton County Property Owners Associations and the Municipality of Highlands East would like to emphasize to waterfront property owners the importance of having healthy and natural shorelines and to not overburden your septic system with too many guests or renters.

The two pages available for download below provide more information on these topics:

County of Haliburton Shoreline Tree Preservation By-law

Before cutting any trees on your shoreline, please review the Shoreline Tree Preservation By-law.

Shoreline Purchase Application

If you wish to purchase what is officially referred to as the Original Shoreline Road Allowance for your property, review and complete the form at the end of the Original Shoreline Road Allowance Closure Policy.

Please note that upon filing an application an inspection will be completed by the Municipal By-law Enforcement Officer.

Please contact our Junior Planner for more information.